3D 4 Wheel Alignment

WhiteMountain Tyres have the very latest Hofmann 3D wheel alignment system.

The 3D Geo-Liner uses the latest in camera and computer technologies, they have the added benefit of high accuracy at an impressive speed. The system compromises of a PC based computer which offers 3D technology, this carries out a number of tests on all angles of the four wheels, generating a 3D image. The cameras detect and analyse the targets as to give a precise and accurate measurement.

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With these readings, we can then show you how your vehicle is currently running and set up. If you decide to have your vehicle recalibrated, upon finish we can then provide you with a detailed printout showing a before and after image including the specs and tolerances your vehicle should adhere to.

The benefits of correct alignment and geometry are as follows:

  • Far superior road handling
  • Better tyre wear and suspension life
  • Better fuel consumption

If your wheels are not aligned correctly, you can expect to experience the opposite of the above benefits along with the addition of an off centred steering wheel or the car wanting to pull to one side instead of driving in a straight line.

For modern day cars, this is an absolute must. Treat your car to a 3D wheel alignment at whitemountain Tyres and reap the benefits of driving a perfectly calibrated vehicle.

Breakdown Service

At WhiteMountain Tyres, we also offer an on-site and roadside breakdown service, catering for both the commercial industry and the private sector. This service allows for us to meet all of your essential needs by coming to you, saving you time and money, whether it is a puncture needing fixed, tyres needing replaced, or any other problems you may encounter.

Our breakdown fitters are specially trained to be fast and efficient so as to get you up and going as quickly as possible. At present, we can travel up to 25 miles to meet your needs but may go further if necessary and depending on the job at hand.

3D Wheel Alignment

Roadside breakdown service
Puncture Repair